If you are into organizing music tours and concerts often, then you would definitely want to read this. When it comes to pop tours, especially farewell tours, you may want to prepare yourself as more than a few music idols are planning their respective farewell tours in the near future As far as 2020 is concerned, Elton John has already decided on a farewell tour in both Australia and New Zealand. And according to one of his publicists, Elton John wants to retire after having visited all the continents with a concert in each one of them and to that end, both the Australian and New Zealand concerts are indeed part of his farewell tour. But on a more serious note, as an event management company, you can expect a few additional changes as far as hospitality services go.

  • Better ticketing services: if you have been hired to organize a concert for say Phil Collins, at the last minute – then you can always check out some of the top companies that specialize in hospitality services. Case in point, Phil Collins, Madonna just to give you a few examples. So you would need to opt for the right sort of company that can handle the event and organizes better ticketing services so that the venue gets sold out well before the main event takes place.
  • Enhanced security: If you are trying to organize a concert for a top-ranked music idol or for that matter, anyone -security should be your primary concern. And that’s why you need to contact a top-ranked company that specializes in hospitality services. Some of these companies have started to offer security services as part of their complete package so that’s something you may want to explore.
  • Vip seats: Once you have selected the right vendor for hospitality services for your concert, you can expect a meet and greet session for some of the top VIP guests with a hostess to do the needful. You should expect all your guests to be taken care of, and that they are seated comfortably in the VIP area, with both refreshments and food delicacies being provided. This is the least that you can expect from any mid-level hospitality company. It should not come as a surprise if they offer any special add on services such as a short meeting with the artist and the band, and so on.
  • Crowd: Well, given that it is a concert and for a top-ranked music idol, expect your tickets to get sold in advance. This is yet another reason that you would want to hire the services of a company that specializes in hospitality services. Usually, they often include crowd control as part of the various hospitality services that they provide.
  • Live streaming: The fact is that as a top-ranked concert, most of the tickets would have been sold out in advance. But you can get the vendor to arrange for live streaming so that your customers can enjoy the concert, from the comforts of their own home.  All concerts are streamed live and in real time, so it must be like they are actually at the concert itself. Of course, it is not the same thing but since the customer was not able to get the tickets to the concert, then this is the next best thing that they can count on.

These are some of the things that you can expect as far as concert and pop tours in 2020 are concerned. And keep your eye out for those concert dates to be finalized since you would want to prepare in advance. Naturally, it goes without saying that tickets are going to be next to impossible to get at the very last minute. Just remember, to make a checklist and get each Item crossed off, as you wrap it up..