High Waisted JeansFashion and latest trends is more of an addiction and a part of our daily lives. It is no more a part of that decade where the styles were limited to ladies of the high class. With increasing globalization and more and more awareness among people about their looks and appearance, fashion is gaining the respect and admiration that it always deserved.

It is now an integral part of every life and followed by both men and women equally. For all those who want to have a flawless personality, should know that it is essential to look into the clothes, accessories, shoes, hairstyles and even the health of the skin and hair. However, clothes are the first thing to be noticed and therefore one of the most significant areas to look into.

There can be requirement of casual clothes and formal clothes depending upon the kind of occasion you need to attend. However, casual clothes are comfortable and used for everyday wear and jeans is an important part of this category that you cannot avoid. There are various cuts and styles of jeans that are available in the market and more and more of them are being introduced. From designers to top brands, all of them are working towards giving the buyer something new and interesting. Here this guide mentions all the ideal brands that deal in high waisted jeans. Make your pick!

Ideal High Waisted Jeans Brands to Pick From

Acne Jeans

Where high waisted jeans are concerned, Acne Jeans has made quite a brand name. There are a variety of shades like black, blue and navy that you can shop for in this style. Along with this a lot of other cuts are available.

Acne High Waisted Jeans

The high waists designs consists of large buttons and in many cases a simple zip style. Cords are also available in a range of colors like brown, red and black. The style by this brand reflects simplicity and well-tailored look. However, uniqueness is something that they lack, but then overall the comfort and durability satisfies the senses.

Cheap Monday

This is a brand well-known for manufacturing jeans for both men and women equally.

Cheap Monday High Waisted Jeans

However, high-waisted jeans is a piece of style for women, Cheap Monday deserves to be in the list of top brands because of its trendy styles. Available in hues of blue and black, these jeans defines only one keyword- well-made.

Diesel Jeans

As one of the topmost brands and the most expensive ones too, Diesel makes sure that you have something new in hand every season. The sexy and lucrative design makes it very much attractive for women and they are compelled to try some of them.

Diesel Jeans  High Waisted Jeans

You can choose from fits like hip hugging and baggy. The sizes are on the bigger side so it should always be tried before investing. Uniqueness is what Diesel Jeans calls for and something that gives it an A grade without any doubts.

Guess Jeans

There might not be much styles available in Guess where high waisted jeans are concerned but then the one that is available is a hot favorite among women and available in a huge range of colors ranging from green to blue and even something as basic as black.

Guess  High Waisted Jeans

Accuracy of the size and the quality and comfort are some guaranteed factors of this brand. Where expenses are concerned, the brand falls in a moderate range and can be afforded with some effort.

Karen Walker

You would love to know that Karen Walker is the most popular brand when it comes to high waisted jeans. The best part about this brand is that it offers a unique combination of high waisted and skinny jeans.

Karen Walker High Waisted Jeans

Along with the basic colors that you expect to buy, some other out of the box range includes indigo colored jeans with white stitches as well as small cute buttons. They even have an official website so that every buyer from around the globe can get their hands on it.

Lee Jeans

Lee is yet another company that is known for manufacturing jeans for about a century now. The styles of dark wash are something that you would love to buy if you are a bold fashion follower.

Lee High Waisted Jeans

No matter which pair of high waisted jeans you buy from Lee, wide belts and big stitches are available with all. Along with this the rates are something that are easily achievable. The brand is also known for its accurate size.


A global brand, Levis is that company that has its branches all around the world making it highly convenient for you to get a hang of it.

Levis High Waisted Jeans

Though they have never introduced high waisted jeans in their collection in the past, this year’s spring will see loads of them in the brand. The popularity of the company will attract your attention immediately no matter which style or cut you pick from.

Paul & Joe

There is only one single and particular style of high waisted jeans that Paul & Joe deals in but then it is an ultimate one. The style and trendy look of the jeans will take you off your feet! They give a good shape to your figure and also fit around really well on the hips. The basic black color makes it all the more sensual. You can definitely give it a trial and check how well it suits your needs and requirements before investing.


Superfine High Waisted Jeans

A UK based brand, Superfine is worthy all because of its unique nature. Another major benefit of this brand is that they have collections for office wear as well as evening wear. Their designs will suit every part of occasion you plan to visit. Accuracy of size and affordable rates are two of the key points that make them a part of the best brands for high waisted jeans.

These top 9 brands have created a name in the market not only for different styles of high waisted jeans but also other famous cuts like straight leg and skinny.