The seventies were a dynamic period in world history. The world was moving towards better reforms and individuals were now excising their freedom of expression. There seems to have been a struggle in the world of fashion, as the world sensibilities and preferences were changing almost over the night. Against this backdrop was the feminist movement which had become popular with the women of the 70s. This had an almost immediate effect in the fashion industry for women. Now women thought of dressing on daily basis picking combination and assortment of clothes they had wanted wear.

The 70s – A Rainbow of Fashion

In the 1960s the world witnessed a trend where the hemlines became shorter and reached the micro-mini. And just as most people thought that this mini trend will go another step forward, they vanished and from their ashes were born the Maxi dresses. “Dr Zhivago” the evergreen romantic movie immortalized long dresses, which became a craze with the women of the 70s. This rebirth of long dresses can be attributed to the feminist movement, hippie influence and the folkloric indulgences of the individuals.

Trends In Long Dresses That Women Wore In The 1970s

Wee skirts, midi skirts, long dresses, short trousers, etc were the successful experiments of designers that survived the 70s. The hemlines were continuously being revised, sometimes long ankle length to medium and even very short. Sundresses being worn were colorful containing Polynesian and exotic prints.

Halston’s or Osca de La Renta’s – Maxi

The famous giant of American clothing in 1970s – Halston, the designer was the originator of the maxi. Maxi was immediate sources of attraction for women because of their simplicity, elegance and the mind boggling lines. Halston’s designs were being supported by the popular stars of the 70s and hence found favor in the masses that keenly followed the styles of their actors.

Some of his designs are even at display at the Metropolitan museum of Art. Like all designs that are famous there were several claims to the discovery of Maxi. Osca de La Renta was also said to have been among the first to invent the Maxi for Elizabeth Arden in 1968.

What is a Maxi?

The maxis were the dresses of the 1970s which were lacy and reached till the ankle. The patterns of the fabric were greatly influenced by the hippie sense of fashion and mostly consisted of paisley and abstract patterns. The concept of the Maxi to a great extent derived from certain American notions and European farmer style.

Influences That Became a Maxi

These dresses were inspired by the concept of women in the role of goddesses, even as mythical creatures as the early feminist movement turned to portray them as. The sacred femininity needed to be emphasized against the prevailing masculine sensibilities and attitude.

Trends In Long Dresses That Women Wore In The 1970s

Dresses inspired by this idea had ornate, mystical and exotic patterns.Many say that these dresses were also influenced by the European peasant patterns. When one looks at these dresses one is immediately reminded of the dress preferences of gypsies and of course the famous Heidi, a traditional feel of the Swiss.

Eyelet belts were used on the waists of most of these dresses Caftan was another design for long dresses which had certain ethnic touch and became popular in the 1970s. This style was based on the pattern of the robes found in Africa and India. These were designed to be worn as evening gowns. These caftans had full sleeves, sewn from mostly exotic cloth and even used gold and silver lace for embellishing the gown.

Also one can club the Granny Dresses in the same group. These too were long dresses meant to reach till the ankle. They had a high collar which was trimmed with lace in the “pie-crust” pattern. Sleeves too had ruffles along the edges. They had floral pattern which supported the soft fabrics being used to design these dresses.

1970s Influence On The World Today

The 1970s might today be over but the world’s nostalgia fort his glorious time of fashion upheaval still lingers. One can find even the designers today using the fashion ideas of this decade and innovating upon these to create even better design.

For example the one shoulder halters, and the strapless dresses are all reminiscent of the 70s. The women in 70s loved wearing shimmery, long and cascade of dresses. These dresses were usually tight towards the top and loose and flowing towards the bottom. Also popular during the 70swas the bohemian look of the gypsies which matched the hippie sensibilities.

Trends In Long Dresses That Women Wore In The 1970s

These dresses usually followed exotic patterns of the eastern countries which the hippies considered an important part of their movement. The 70s were also known for their variously brightly colored dresses. One can easily detect this 70’s influence on the designers of the present world. Take any fashion event and observe the streaks of the bygone eras. After all the 21st century is also about experimenting, colors, variable hemlines and halters or dresses with varying necks.

Summing Up The 1970s

1970s were not just a period in the history of the world, it was a time of youth and it’s blossoming. This youth was changing the though, ideas and attitudes of the world, so much so that even the elder generation could not resist their moves and gave in to the growing popular notions of the world. At the same time the world was moving towards a system of equality which was much more just and applicable to all classes of the society. The youth was no longer tied to the conventional notions that their ancestors had preserved, they were experimenting and learning and growing with every passing second.

This fact is evident from the fashion they followed and the frequency with which they were changing their preferences. Not afraid from change, at one time the women were seen supporting practical working clothes and at times wearing fanciful long dresses and shimmering in their gowns at night. 70s was the time of evolution in world fashion. One salutes the era of the 70′s.