Britmums have just started a ‘what’s in your handbag‘ meme, so I thought I’d take the opportunity totell you all about my beautiful new bag-friend Recently I have heard a lot of people singing the praises of the Mia Tui handbag. As a Mum you are expected to carry lots and lots of things around with you and I had been using a very nice, but not very well organised and not very grown up cross body messenger bag. I didn’t buy a proper changing bag because they all seemed either really plain, overly girly or really babyish, so I went for a sporty number instead. I do like the cross-body style because I like to have both hands free, one for my toddler, and one for the dog/shopping/giving the v’s to people with (well, if I wasn’t so sensible these days, I would). Mia Tui make some incredible and beautiful bags but they have just brought out the Grace in addition their other beautiful bags, and I have been eagerly awaiting its release.

It came very well packaged in a nice big cardboard box and wrapped in delicious fuchsia crispy tissue paper like a very special birthday present, which it kind of was, my half-birthday to myself. I could hardly contain myself but carefully unwrapped its decadent purple snakeskin skin and gazed adoringly at its azure blue lining. At one end there is an insulated cup holder, a clip for your keys so that you are never scrabbling around for them again, at the other, a mobile phone pocket and pen holders. On the outside is a zip pocket that is the space that I actually put my mobile in, for security, and two lovely silver rings that *could* actually be used to clip even more stuff to. On each side of the bag there are generous pockets but the beauty of the Mia Tui is that as well as all this well thought out organisation, it comes with a matching clutch. Also available, and tucked inside was a larger clutch that fitted nicely in the middle pocket and two clear plastic cases for the further organisation of your essentials. After a few weeks of use, I do actually feel that it has made my life a little more organised.

The large clutch I use for my purse, hand cream, eye drops and headache tablets that I carry everywhere with me. The large plastic bag I put the nappies and wipes in. This means that if my parents are babysitting for me I can whip out the clutch to take with me and leave the rest of the equipment for them. Having the nappies separate means I could also just leave them with the nappies and take the rest of the bag with me, or, if we are going out walking, I can whip the nappies out and put them in the baby backpack really easily. Lesser used but still essential stuff is separated into the remaining pockets and bags and I can genuinely say that I have not ‘lost’ one single item in my handbag since we were united a month ago.

The only downside is that the bag is fastened by a magnet and I have stuffed the bag so full that the magnet doesn’t close, so I am walking round with the bag open. This is not really a problem for me because I drive and live in the country where pickpockets are rare, and I have attached the clutch to the key clip for extra measure, and the inside is such a gorgeous colour anyway. I think I’d prefer to see maybe a buckle or a velcro fastner rather than a magnet, so that I can close the top a bit.

But it’s gorgeous, it fits everything in and I feel all grown-up and glamorous wearing it, not to mention highly organised.So, what IS in my Mia Tui? A first aid kit, purse, headache pills, tampons, my car service manual, eye drops, handcream, a koo-di seat harness, a spare t-shirt and trousers for Cub, savlon antiseptic spray, 4 bear snacks, tissues, soap leaves, cotton buds, map of local beauty spot, child reins, a dongle, a bib, an emergency rain poncho, nappy bags, nappies, wipes, childs drink, sunglasses, tea bags, salt sachets, 3 pens and a sharpie, a torch, some sparklers, a lip stain, safety pins, a notepad, and of course my mobile phone.